About Us - Craaks

We are today's and the future's way to buy an electric car

We started Craaks with a couple of question marks. Why can’t buying a car online be as easy as buying a pair of shoes? Why should one have to go around among car dealers, wait for help, and then sit and negotiate? Why can you not simply click home something and test it at home in peace and quiet?

We also wondered how the shift to electrified vehicles could take place if there is no safe way to buy used electric cars. This resulted in Craaks; a website for those who want to buy an electric car online – easier, safer, and faster.

Who are we?

With a team of over 20 people spread across Europe, we work every day to make it easier and safer for you to buy affordable electric cars online.

Andrea Romano, CEO and founder

Entrepreneur and startup investor with C-level experience focused in mobility Marketplaces and Saas. Supporter of circular economy and environmental sustainability.

Michael White, COO and co-founder

Former Tesla head of remarketing, with over 10 years of experience in automotive industry in the EMEA region. Passionate about electric mobility.