Buying A Car From Us - Craaks

How you buy an electric car from us

A new way to buy an electric car

Here at Craaks, we have a modern online solution that allows you to complete your car purchase from your own sofa. With us, you can choose from a variety of electric cars in different sizes and price ranges. You then buy the car directly online and have it delivered all the way to your door within a few days. To make you feel confident about your purchase, you can test drive the car for 14 days.

Should you not be satisfied with your purchase during that period, you can change your mind at any time and we will pick up the electric car at your home again – completely free of charge.

When you have found an electric car that suits you:

  • You will be asked to process a down payment “booking fee” by credit card or through bank transfer online – you obviously choose what suits you best.
  • After the down payment is processed we will arrange the delivery of your new electric car, in the meantime, you will receive a purchase agreement sent to your email address, which you can easily sign digitally.
  • Last step! Your new electric car will be delivered to your home in a specific time frame of your choice and you will be asked to pay the difference through bank transfer or credit card. 

Now you are free to test your new car! You can test drive it for 14 days or 200 km. If it doesn’t feel quite right, the purchase will be cancelled and we will pick up the car at your home again, completely free of charge.