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Cars Quality

We check every single detail

When you buy an electric car from us at Craaks, you can be sure that the car is in good condition. Our technicians have examined the car with microscopic precision while following a checklist of a total of 280 points. We simply don’t just kick the tires, we use our expertise and the latest technology to be able to find any flaws – even those that are impossible to see with the naked eye.

All electric cars are battery tested

Here’s how our battery test works:

We start by fully charging the battery. Then we plug in a computer that acts as an independent third-party test. We install the test equipment in our cars, then drive the car out in normal traffic until 10 per cent of the charge is left. During driving, the energy output is measured and this information is compared against an expected condition of a new battery. This allows us to compare how the battery is doing, compared to when it was brand new, which gives us a good picture of the battery’s current capacity. Of course, a certificate of the battery test comes with every single electric car that we sell.

We ensure that all cars are in absolute top condition

When your new electric car shows up outside your home, we want it to feel like you’ve bought a brand-new car. Therefore, before the car reaches you, we have repaired any damage, tested all functions so that everything works as it should, and made small beauty interventions such as cleaning the entire car properly inside and polishing the paint so that it shines extra nicely.

Photo shooting

Once we’ve inspected and restored each car, we’ll show you detailed pictures from every possible angle that you can find in the picture gallery for each car. For us, it is also important to show any defects, so you know exactly what to expect when your car arrives.